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Jan 29, 2018 THE face of an elderly truck driver is a shocking demonstration of the dangers of sun damage.Striking Photo Reveals Dark Side of Sunshine. A new striking image of a 69-year-old truck driver shows just how much damage the sun can do. shows the damage.

A truck driver's extreme sun damage. on half his face and-after photograph documenting the ravages of sun exposure — but the image is actually an undoctored photo of a 69-year-old truck."I've seen that sort of asymmetrical half-of-the-face sun damage on taxi drivers before," explains Dr Aarti. "But Dawn wasn't a taxi driver, she'd always been sensible.

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This shocking pic of a truck driver shows what 28 years of sun damage does to your face. truck driver shows how the sun's powerful and dangerous UV rays can slowly destroy the fabric.One face, but two sides of a story the left-hand side of the truck driver's face was exposed to the sun, the other shaded in the cab. She has seen severe sun damage on the hands.

  1. Half of truck driver's face prematurely aged due to sun damage; Man's face altered by unilateral dermatoheliosis This kind of damage is consistent with the Favre–Racouchot syndrome which.Photo of truck driver shows what 28 years of sun damage looks like. the 69-year-old’s photo shows how much more aged one side of his face is than the other. Upon examination.

  2. A truck driver's extreme sun damage. on half his face. The Week Staff. and the left side of his face — the side closest to the window — looks about 20 years older than his right.Jan 28, 2018 Photo of truck driver shows what 28 years of sun damage looks like Upon examination, the left side of his face was found to have signs .

  3. Jun 5, 2012 Truck driver William McElligott's face is a graphic illustration of the seen severe sun damage on the hands of reps – exposed to sun through .Trucker To anyone who's ever questioned the power of sun protection cream to slow down ageing, there isn't a more graphic example than this image of the truck driver from Chicago whose face was a staggering 20 years older on one side than the other.

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Jun 4, 2012 The 69 year-old truck driver a sunbather -- Ultraviolet A (UVA) rays had penetrated his driver's side window glass, damaging the outermost .Jan 28, 2018 The portrait of the 69-year-old truck driver shows how sun has damaged.

Nearly Half Of Canada’s Youngest Households Don’t Bother With Cable Delivery Truck Driver, Has Severe Sun Damage On One Side Of His Face (PHOTO) Bill McElligott, Delivery Truck Driver.Trucker accumulates skin damage on left side of his face after 28 years on the road paints a clear picture of what kind of damage the sun can cause driver took the brunt of the damage.